C4: Celebrate, Conversate, Collaborate, & Create

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The next C4 will take place virtually September 3, 2022 from 10 AM – 1 PM EST.

This is a curated event where women will be celebrated genuinely for who you are. This is a curated event where women meet other women. This is a curated event where women will learn resources to improve the outcomes one desires in their lives. This is a curated event where women will create or finish creating one thing that you have wanted to do.

Each session women will learn money making tips that do not require you to sound trashy or like you’re begging people to support you.

Each session women will learn techniques to use in your everyday life to excel and not regress or self-sabotage.

Each session women will learn strategies on wholeness, healthy relationships, and boundaries with your money, your mind, your family, your ministry, and your mistakes.

Each session women will have conversations around how to overcome family disappointments and trauma, and then take all of that and speak your own truth more resilient and more boldly than ever. 

C4 was refreshingly powerful soul food with Coach Simene’ Walden. Her light and easy-going coaching style made it very easy to talk about hard issues. – Mrs. Tonya Kerry

“Last night was truly an amazing experience and exactly what we as women need to partake in regularly. I had the opportunity to experience the C4 vision for women created by the beautiful Simene’ Walden. We had the opportunity to share in an intimate, safe, and beautiful space with great company. We were able to openly share about who we are and what we have done, experienced and created throughout our life’s journey without judgment or fear of being criticized for what our life experience has exposed us to. The entire feel and vibe of the night allowed us to freely engage in deep conversation and thought to facilitate growth in our own lives. It was powerful and I definitely recommend that every women should have the opportunity to experience a circle like the one I had the chance to experience yesterday. I look forward to the upcoming ones and to see how this new space grows organically”

-Janael Palmer

C4 is a safe space because the host is a safe person. Freedom, release, and comfort would describe what you will experience.

To hear more about the event, watch the recap from the May Meeting.


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