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Back in 2016, I attended an event in Georgia called “Generals of Deliverance”.


There was one speaker I wanted to take a picture with. (Side bar…I take lots of pictures but I don’t feel the pressure to always post where I been and who I’ve met. Peer pressure, business pressure, people pressure will cause you to chase things that don’t even fit who you are). He told me no or not right then and it never happened. But then there were other speakers who were nice and very willing, because back then, that no, hurt my feelings and I felt really rejected.

But soon after, we had a break and as I was driving back to the event from getting something to eat, The Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said, “You are the platform, let me build you”.

When the event was over and I flew back to Maryland. I was ready. And then I started.

I started seeking opportunities to share my message and story. I was on podcast, I had a full page spreads in a print newspaper in my hometown on different occasions. I was featured in online publications, magazines, conferences, and summits. I was on Good Morning America Washington. There were hundreds of talks and presentations that I delivered. I became certified as a speaker, I had multiple coaches, started an apparel line with t-shirts and hoodies, and there was success. I was able to get clients featured in these very things. I did book anthologies and were a part of anthologies. I was appointed positions in my career, business, and ministry.


I had studio appearances, I created my own events, started writing books, and then started helping others publish books and share their stories. I’ve helped over 300 men and women tell their stories, many for the first time and others for the first time publicly. I was featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and other affiliates. My books were selling. I was being recognized. I received recognition and awards. I was being asked for advice and counsel and I began mentoring and coaching.


I had mentors, coaches, and spiritual advisors. I attended more events than I can count and was a part of many programs and shows gaining knowledge and increasing my capacity. 


To date, I have written 14 books since April of 2017. I have 8 solo book projects, been the visionary author of 3 anthologies, and a co-author in 4 other anthologies. So far, I’ve worked with 31 book clients. I am a 10X Amazon Best Selling Author and a 1X Amazon International Best Selling Author.

Business was growing, I was making money, and I was expanding and reaching people from around the world. BUT midway through it all, the same Holy Spirit spoke “Traumatic Success” to me. 

What was a traumatic success because I had never heard of it? To this day, I have not heard anyone say it. It was success on top of trauma. All of the things I was able to accomplish were not satisfying and I was not happy. I was creating success on top of my trauma.


So while I heard what The Holy Spirit said to me on December 9, 2016, I was trying to decide how it would come to pass.

I learned a lot. I accomplished a lot, but it cost me a lot. It cost me peace, money that yielded no results, time that I can never get back, broken relationships, internal trouble, and racing thoughts of am I good enough and why am I not getting on stages that I really desire? It cost me sleep and I
used food to cope. At times, it was relationships that were not too good for me and then I used God and the church to fill the other voids.

I was a saved mess that had a gift that worked when it needed to. 

So I had to go back to my first instruction. “You are the platform, let me build you”. 

I went back to God and asked Him to build me from the foundation up. And when I say He has done a work in me; I mean a deep work. I was always a work in progress but this time, I was really allowing Him to teach and lead me. I stopped showing up and doing a lot of things so I could hear clearly and get next steps directly from him. And when I did, my life changed significantly. Not only am I at peace and enjoy godly success, but it shows in my appearance. 


I finally understood what He meant. In all of your getting, get understanding. It is the principle thing. And I went back to Him and asked him to build me all over again.


Build my love for Him in His Word.

Build my love for myself as He loves me.

Build my love for others as He wants me to.

Build my work ethic as I was doing it unto Him.

Build my integrity as outlined in the fruits of the spirit.

Build my body as a temple unto God.

Build my knowledge as Daniel. 

Build my business skills as Aquila, Priscilla, and Lydia. 

Build my faith as an ambassador that brings health. 


One day only, I am inviting 10 participants into my space (legit my intimate space) to sit and learn what I have learned not to do in the last 5 years as well as all the valuable knowledge and content that has worked well and the things that are beneficial to do as you are growing into the platform
God is building in you.

4 hours of intimate knowledge sharing on speaking, writing, execution strategies, mapping out your implementation road map, as well as an abundance of love, confidence, and blessings poured onto each participant.



Simene’ is a true gem. An encourager, inspiration and mid wife that will help you push your baby out. She does it with such a gentle ease that before you know it you have the fruit sitting in front of you and you’re trying to remember how it all came about. But that’s how good she is about vision and how to help you serve your gift with ease no matter the trauma it may have been. She’s also a forever friend that will always root for you and has your best interest at heart. A true woman of faith, walking in her divine calling which is serving others.

-Love Always, Mona Wright


Working with Simene’ Walden was seemless. She took control of the project from start to finish, but was not opposed to flexibility when required to accommodate the co-authors. She got ahead of any self-sabotage by preparing us for writer’s remorse, which was so thoughtful.


Simene’ was a pleasure to work with. She is very encouraging, uplifting and inspirational. Simene is a powerful woman of God who is on the move.


Simene’ is such a gift, I love the fact that each day was Holy Spirit led and everything was done with the excellence.

General Registration: $197.00 (12:04 – 4:04 PM)

Includes: One Day Live Event, Workbook, Fun Mini Group Photo Shoot, & 8 Minute Massage by Licenses Massage Therapist.


VIP Registration: $497 (4:45 PM – 6: 45 PM) Includes above services, plus intense group session to map out your 2K22, a 30 Minute 1 on 1 Session with Simene’ (scheduled for a later time), and dinner.


Contact Simene’ directly for this option by emailing


NOTE: If paypal is not your preferred method of payment, you can also email Simene’. $cash app and zelle are also accepted.



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